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All Wrinkles Are Not The Same. Which Ones Do You Have?

By Phytosil on JULY 18, 2019

Think all wrinkles are the same? Think again. Unfortunately, wrinkles arise from different causes, which means you need to treat them differently. Not sure what type of wrinkles you have and what to do about them? We’ve got your answers right here with at-home face care ideas and suggestions for professional med-spa treatments.

Elastic Wrinkles

What they look like: Tiny creases that form on the cheeks, lips and neck. The best way to prevent them from forming is to avoid the sun and wear sunscreen daily.
What causes them: These wrinkles are the direct result of too much time spent in the sun. The ultraviolet damage thins the skin and fine lines and wrinkles become the result.
How to treat them: For at-home care, anti-aging retinol can be one of your best friends. Just be sure to use it consistently each night for best results.

Expression Lines

What they look like: Sometimes called frown, smile, or laugh lines, these tend to be either light on the skin or deeply etched into the skin. They typically show up anywhere on the face where you make expression, like around the mouth, between the brows, and at the outer corners of the eyes.
What causes them: These wrinkles are caused by repeatedly making the same expressions over and over again.
How to treat them: It’s virtually impossible to never move a muscle in your face again. There’s not much in the way of prevention, but professional facial fillers are effective for correction. For your home-based anti-aging skin treatment, try a Vitamin C serum. Helps with reducing the look of fine lines and wrinkles, plus BONUS!…it brightens skin with a gorgeous glow. Apply morning and night so you look like a natural beauty!

Gravitation Wrinkles

What they look like: Saggy skin accompanied by wrinkles. They can appear anywhere on the face.
What causes them: A loss of collagen and elastin, both from the natural aging process and sun damage.

How to treat them: Doctors can perform a facelift to surgically tighten skin or use lasers to stimulate the skin's production of collagen, which plumps up skin. There are different types of lasers, and you should ask your doctor about how many treatments you'll need, how much "down time" you'll need for your skin to heal, and any other risks. To soften the look of wrinkles at home, facial serums and moisturizers can help give you a more youthful, line-free look…and with zero down time.

Atrophic Wrinkles

What they look like: Deep parallel lines on the forehead that appear when the eyebrows are furrowed.
What causes them: As with other types if wrinkles, these worsen overtime when you lose collagen and elastin in the skin.
How to treat them: If you want to restore volume and reposition these lines, you can try medical facial filler injections to plump out skin. If you prefer a no-needle solution, dermatologists consider retinol the holy grail of noninvasive wrinkle-prevention. When applied topically, it can stimulate collagen production and cell turnover, which reduces the look of fine lines, and even out your complexion.

Armed with this handy info, you now know how to turn back the clock and fight any kind of wrinkle you might have. And, of course, prevention is best so use your SPF and wear hat to block damaging sun rays, no smoking, and stay hydrated.

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