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Got Puffy Eyes? Six Solutions for Perking Them Up!

By Phytosil on JULY 18, 2019

Let’s face it, waking up with puffy eyes is awful. They make you look extra-tired, bloated, and generally un-refreshed. Especially during allergy season, or after a weekend of wine with friends and very little sleep.

But before we dole out our beauty tips, let’s first do a deep dive into what might be causing your puffy eyes.

What causes puffy eyes?
If you have ever looked closely at the skin around your eyes, you’ll notice how thin it is compared to the rest of your facial skin. Since, this is the case, it’s much easier for visible puffiness and discoloration to stick out in this area. Typically, the accumulation of fluids may gather in this area for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Allergies
  • Lack of sleep
  • Dehydration
  • Aging
  • Excessive salt intake
  • Stress
  • Inherited trait

Puffy eyes can also occur when you wake up in the morning due to the fact that blinking doesn’t take place while you sleep. As soon as you wake up and start to blink, the fluids will more likely be moved away from the eye area, resulting in slightly less puffy eyes.

What can you do to de-puffy your peepers?
In addition to getting extra sleep, drinking more water, and dabbing on a good undereye cream, try these DIY tips:

  1. A Cold Compress

  2. Cold compresses are used to constrict blood vessels, which will restrict the flow of fluid into the soft tissue. Icing the area under your eyes could also reduce swelling. But don’t go reaching for a generic commercial ice pack—they’re too bulky for this delicate area and you have to be careful of potential chemical leaks. Opt for either a wash cloth dipped in cold water, a towel that’s wet or frozen, a baggie filled with ice and wrapped with a towel, or—in a pinch—that bag of peas sitting in your freezer.

  3. Add Another Pillow to Your Bed

  4. Adding another pillow under your head while you sleep could help decrease the chances of you getting puffy eyes in the first place. Try sleeping on a few pillows if your neck allows, as the head will be slightly elevated which allows for less fluid retention under the eyes.

  5. Cucumbers
  6. Those slices of cucumbers aren’t just a spa cliché. By placing cool cucumber slices on your lids for about 30 minutes, they can help with swelling, redness, as well as irritation.

  7. Try Some Tea
  8. Soaking chilled green or black tea bags in cold water will help reduce puffiness. There are antioxidants and caffeine that can help tighten and rejuvenate your skin. These anti-inflammatory properties will increase circulation under your eyes. There’s also the option of using an herbal tea, (think chamomile), which include anti-irritants that soothe redness, as well as irritation.

  9. Massaging

  10. Massaging around your eye can increase circulation which will relax that area and decrease the puffiness. Remember this is a sensitive area, so be kind to your skin with the pressure of your massage.

  11. Spoons
  12. This one requires some prep. Try putting two spoons in the refrigerator before you head to bed. In the morning, place them over your eyes to “de-puff” that area. This will constrict the blood vessels under your eyes to reduce the puffiness.

Go ahead and try these “swell” ideas to eliminate eye puffiness in a poof. Getting rid of your unwanted baggage has never been easier!

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